Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the beast of reveal

do not want to face these inner workings thought to have previously been destroyed
disillusion is a friend indeed
for truth comforts me
though i am past the morning
the moon is still in my head
a moonlit day i can see
as a fog as it wanes away
blood is pouring forth from me
am i purged to be an object for others gain
why do i pursue you here now
i need the tomorrow to feel me in it's dream
to be full indeed
to be satisfied
i know all eludes me here in the absence of purified faith
burn me to the tone of my core
i pray
to dissolve the scorn of the shame that He never put on me
that i should teach a story
that leads me to the edge of this divine madness
i can see it
i can feel it
when i leap
i float
why always why and how to show us
who we are
i am
am i
are you
you are
the beloved illusion crumbles
like a frozen flower turned to ash
impossible to clasp
impossible to believe
without my flesh to decieve
do you even exist
and if you did
would you want to see
experience me
help the thoughts manifest
characters on the tangible stage
to bless the age
share that we are we
and see
the others
are here in our souls
we are not from this world
descendant of the King
traveled here on a vibrating high A light beam
to scream
but still
i need
i hate to need
i hate everything
i love
i love everything
i hate
you respond to me not
visceral enough to know
worth is not a concept i can afford
for all the sound in my throat could never convince you of my love loyal
i can not bear it alone
i have loved on my own
a number that stands
you know- the idea- of this crowded room
so i seethe into the mouth of the seeker
do you really want to see
see what you create
you long not for truth but justification
scientists kill their hypothesis with the pathos of the predetermined idea
i deny the truth
for to release my twisted lover Pain
is too much to bare
but still
i run
and i run on
into a sunset blue
without you
born a single we die alone
without flesh
without bone
the Kingdom is in me
and it is weeping
for you always weeping
for you
never is my pleasure pure
at least not for long
death is to try to grasp a moment forever a glimmer
desire in a net for tinkerbells
let it go to embrace the One who has loved from the beginning of the scattered color tone
in His warm fuzzy peach cobbler shoes
leading to ion electron shiver
comforting revelation
visual stimulation
underneath the wind leave tree into me
the knight always rides with the headless samurai
the water in the stone

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Anonymous said...

good poem deep i can definitely relate